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Are you passionate enough for your work? well that's all we are looking for in our team.
Make sure you checkout the responsibilities and requirements of the category you are applying for. After you are done with checking out the requirements go ahead and click the "APPLY NOW" button. We will get back to you after we are done reading your application form.

Internship plans

There is basically a
3 month and a 6 month internship program.
We will be guiding you through the entire process.
Every intern that is selected will be eligible for the 3 month program, if we like your work and see that you are dedicated enough, You will be leveled up to a much more responsible role and will be officially part of the bitroot team. Your name will be listed as an important part of the team on our official website!!.

Current projects to work on:

  • Society essentials
  • Developer community
  • junQ
  • Dopamine biscuit


A brand which has served 5000+ families in lockdown and sells fresh vegetables and fruits directly to your doorsteps.

Developer community

Building a highly engaging and helping community for tech developers.

Society essentials

Online supermarket which serves the orders to their doorstep.

Tons of more amazing brands to work on!

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