Join as a CopyWriting Intern.

°Complicated copies that the customers can't understand.
°Extremely simple and not so attractive copies.
°YOU could be the solution to all these problems,
°By creating catchy yet easy to understand copies for the customers.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for a copywriter to join our marketing team. You will be responsible for writing all the copies for the brand creatives.
What would be your responsibilities?
º Write creatives which are easy to understand for the customer.
º Get feedback from and improve the copies.
º Write attractive copies which increases sales.
º Keep at least a weeks writings ready.
º Research competitors Copies and use the Knowledge.
º Make Trendy yet professional writing.
º Creativity for an eye catching copy.
Required experience and knowledge
º Ability to make the writings easy to understand and attractive.
º Creativity to bring in different perspectives to the copies.
º Writing as a professional brand.
º Drafts sent for review should have very few or no spelling and grammar errors.
º Willingness to complete assignments on time and work within tight deadlines.